Four Facts You Need To Know About Invisalign

At Athol Family Dentists in Athol, we know that Invisalign is a relatively new and highly effective system orthodontists use to straighten teeth, and it’s one that may be the perfect option for you and your smile.

Here are four facts you should know about Invisalign:

What Issues Can Invisalign Correct?

Invisalign can effectively correct mild-to-moderate cases of overcrowding, gaps, overbite, under bite, crossbite, open bite, and general teeth crookedness.

How Long Do You Wear Your Invisalign Aligners?

Most orthodontists recommend that you wear your Invisalign aligner for 20-22 hours a day for the quickest and best results. While you will remove it to eat and brush your teeth each day, your aligner should be put back in place right away as the less time it spends in your mouth, the longer it will take to complete your plan and straighten your teeth.

Do You Need To Be Careful About What You Drink?

While you may choose to drink beverages with your aligners on, it’s best to stick to cold drinks since hot beverages can warp your aligner’s shape. If you do choose to indulge in beverages with warmer temperatures, be sure or take your aligner out and brush your teeth before putting it back in place.

Does Invisalign Come With Attachments?

Some people aren’t aware that an Invisalign system may come with an attachment, depending on your dentist’s plan for your teeth. Attachments are small, tooth-colored dots made from composite filling material that, when bonded to teeth, help the aligners gradually shift them.

Interested in learning more about the Invisalign system and whether it’s right for you? Call Athol Family Dentists in Athol and find out today!